middle finger text face

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middle finger text face

How to make the middle finger facebook using symbols - Email has proven to work best.

middle finger text face

How To Make a middle finger Text.

03.10.2011 · Best Answer: You could go short and sweet with -'- or _|_ or -'-(O.O)-'- and variations with the face. If you have the utmost hatred
Copy and paste the fingers. The face was from somewhere else. Copy paste the face as well if you want.

Finger (gesture) - Wikipedia, the free.

Coolest text faces!: Middle finger by.
15.02.2009 · Its wit sum semicolon periods n stuff lyke tht but it has 2 fit on my facebook status dont want it 2 be 2 big. Its wit sum semicolon periods n stuff
  • How do you do a middle finger with text?.

Middle Finger Monkey - We have all the funny Middle Finger Monkey pictures you can find on the internet. We add new Middle Finger Monkey funny pics every day. Feel
that's not bad actually, but the one is my head that's I've seen deals with commas and semicolons or something, like ,,;,, but there's a face etc afaik
Finger (gesture) - Wikipedia, the free.
Middle Finger Text Symbols Hi im trying 2 find a middle finger text.

How to make the middle finger facebook.
How do you make the smiley with text with.
In Western culture, the finger (as in giving someone the finger or the bird), also known as the finger wave, the middle finger, flipping someone off, flipping the
Funny Middle Finger Monkey Pictures &.
Coolest text faces! contest - middle finger by snarfsnarf6: lol (Entered Aug 19 2008 10:41:25)

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